4th Annual NCDP Dinner/Auction Items

More Items will be added as they're received


Original oil painting of Barack Obama by: Gabe Schillman, portrait artist and proprietor of Studio 37 Arts and Culture Center in Newaygo.

Donated by: Kay Cummings

Hand-turned music-themed twist pen
Donor/maker: Ray Pokerwinski
Description: Hand-turned pen crafted from ebony and maple with 24K gold fittings, features musical designs. The pen cap features a snare drum; the clip replicates the head, neck, and strings of a guitar; the center band features piano keys; the tip depicts musical notes and staff. Takes standard Parker refill.
Hand-turned aromatherapy pendant
Donor/maker: Ray Pokerwinski
Description: Hand-turned aromatherapy pendant. Wood and brushed chrome. Pendant top screws off for access to diffuser wick and reservoir for essential oil. Comes with small vial of lavender essential oil, extra wicks, and velvet drawstring pouch.
Mango Rash book package
Donor/author: Nan Sanders Pokerwinski
Description: Signed copy of Nan's memoir, Mango Rash: Coming of Age in the Land of Frangipani and Fanta, a story whose themes of resilience and learning from other cultures are especially relevant today. Package includes signed book, box of Yogi mango-ginger tea, and pack of note cards featuring photos of 1960s Samoa taken by the author's father.
Painting: "Farm on the Way to Big Rapids"
Donor/Artist: Tonya Howe
Description: Original painting by Tonya Howe, measures 16 x 20"

Signed book: "The Disappearing Cemetery" by Tom Cordle
Donor/Author: Tom Cordle
Email: thomaslcordle@gmail.com
Description: Signed, personalized copy of Cordle's book. Tom will send the personalized copy directly to the winner of the auction.

Print: Grandfather Owl
Donor/artist: Andrew Potter
Description: Print, "Grandfather Owl," from original art
Unframed, 11 x 17
Walsh Pet


Creative power washing gift certificate
Donor/creator: Val Deur

Description: Approximately 10' x 10' space creatively power washed (no straight power cleaning) by Val. Choose from any of these designs or we will create something else all together. If you desire more after the finished area, we will discuss more $$ for the Newaygo County Democratic Party.

"Almost Home"
Donor/photographer: Gail Howarth (Lakehouse Photo)
Facebook: Gail.R.Howarth
Description: Framed photograph titled "Almost Home." Print size is 18 x 24. Framed: 22 x 30
"Intention Box"
Donor/creator: Jessica Mondello
Email: jessica.mondello@yahoo.com
Description: Hand-painted box (second image is of inside of lid) with inspirational messages written on a paper inside.
  • Peace comes with all of our cultures and colors coming together and embracing each other.
  • Peace comes with listening to the wisdom of our healers, so we may listen to the source within ourselves.
  • Peace is remembering our tribal selves, and how we took care of each other. 
  • Peace comes with healing our wounds so we can move forward. 
  • Peace is looking from a higher and more connected perspective. 
  • Peace we can and will achieve if we start watching, feeling, learning, and taking responsibility for what has been said, and moving and creating forward to a beautiful new world!

Original pencil and watercolor drawings

Artist/Donor: Brenda Huckins Bonter

Other original and limited edition prints are available at Flying Bear Books in Newaygo

Signed book package

Donor/author: Sandra Bernard (Red Boots Kids'Books)
Email:  bsand1155@yahoo.com
Website:  redbootskidsbooks.com
Description: Set of four signed children's books for ages 3-7

poetry book


Donor/author: Sandra Bernard

Nature has an order
And if you surround yourself with it
That order becomes contagious
17 years ago I found my way to the river
If you’re quiet there, you can hear a voice…
And if you listen long enough you will discover…
It’s your own… the one you were missing
This book is that journey

Gift Certificate
Donor: Hit The Road Joe Coffee Cafe, Croton
7291 Elm Ave., Newaygo, MI

Description: $20 gift card

dreamcatcher 2

Crocheted Dream Catcher

Donor/Artist: Pam Greinke

Pam Greinke is the retired director an adult day care program that helped people with disabilities for more than 20 years. She is the local Regent of the Daughter of the American Revolution and volunteers to help veterans and students.



Watercolor Painting

Donor: Stan and Liz Opal

Description: Framed watercolor painting by unknown local artist