2022 Silent Auction Items

Bronco Buster Sculpture donated by: Sue Cyranoski

Originally conceived in 1895, The Bronco Buster was Frederic Remington’s first bronze sculpture. It has since come to symbolize all that is triumphant and heroic of the American West. A casting of Remington’s The Bronco Buster sculpture has resided in The White House since Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency.

"Let's Play" Print by: Marie Rust

Woodworking by: Pat Powers 

 "Lily in Black and White"
Photograph printed on metal
by: Gail Howarth


See more of Gail Howarth's work at:

"Untitled II" Acrylic on board

by: Jason Shuckhart

"The Visitor" Metal Art
by: Vinnie Southerland

Go to vinniesutherland.com
for more information

Hand Crafted Earrings

by: Marilyn Szudzik


Set of Children's Books donated by: Sandy Bernard


Dolls created by: Dawn Campbell

Vintage Led Zepplin Poster donated by: Terry McIntee

Books donated by: Kristie Bulger


$50 CBD Gift Card 
Anonymous donation


"A Promised Land"
donated by: Dane LaJoye